Cracked ToothHere at Fredericksburg Dental Center, LLC, we are here to help if you have a cracked tooth.

There may be times when you crack a tooth without even knowing it. You may feel sharp pain when eating. Your tooth may hurt so badly that you chew your food only on one side of your mouth. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods can also be a sign of a cracked tooth. Pinpointing which tooth hurts or even just knowing whether the pain is located in the top or bottom set of teeth can be really hard.

You may get a cracked tooth by chewing something hard, or a crack can be caused by too much decay in a tooth. Switching back and forth between eating cold food and hot food may also crack a tooth. An injury to your mouth, teeth grinding, and uneven chewing pressures may also cause a crack.

There are times when a cracked tooth is invisible to the naked eye. It may not even show up on x-rays, especially if it is a tiny hairline fracture. If left untreated, your tooth can become inflamed, get infected, or even die, so it is important to call your dentist immediately for help.

If you have any questions about a cracked tooth or think that you may be suffering from one, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (717) 865-3457.