Sealing Out Tooth DecayHere at Fredericksburg Dental Center, LLC, we are proud to help seal out tooth decay.

Fluoride is in toothpaste as well as drinking water. We encounter it multiple times per day, which causes wear and tear on our teeth. Your teeth may need some extra protection.

A sealant is placed on teeth to prevent tooth decay. It is placed to cover the chewing surface of the back teeth to keep out germs and food.

By getting a sealant placed on a tooth before it decays, you will say time and money by avoiding a filling, crown, or cap. Although we would prefer to not have to use sealants at all, it is a great option if your back teeth have started to develop decay.

Children can have sealants put on their teeth as well. This is commonly used on their permanent molars and usually done as soon as they come in so that there is no time for decay to attack the tooth. If a small cavity is covered by a sealant the decay will not spread, since it is sealed off from food and germs.

If you have any questions about sealing out tooth decay, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (717) 865-3457.