Periodontal Disease and PregnancyMany women who have become pregnant are more susceptible to oral problems such as periodontal disease. At Fredericksburg Dental Center, LLC, we understand what women experience while pregnant and specialize in helping their oral health during this time.

If you have recently become pregnant, you will want to book an appointment to see your dentist right away since pregnancy may cause unexpected changes to your oral health because of the increase in hormones in your body.

Research has shown that overall health and oral health go hand in hand, which is why it is so important to maintain great oral health while pregnant. Visiting your dentist allows you both to communicate about the remaining time in your pregnancy, keeping you and your baby as healthy as possible.

If a pregnant woman has periodontal disease, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the gums. It can actually travel all the way to the uterus and produce a chemical called prostaglandins. This has been suspected to cause premature labor.

A routine exam and cleaning should be done during pregnancy, however not many other dental procedures should be done, especially during the second trimester. X-rays should be taken only in an emergency situation.

If you have any questions about periodontal disease while you are pregnant, please call us at (717) 865-3457.