Inlay & Onlay RestorationsHere at Fredericksburg Dental Center, LLC, we are proud to offer inlay and onlay restoration treatment.

Inlays and onlays are restorations used to repair teeth with mild to moderate decay. They can also be used to fix cracked and fractured teeth that are not damaged enough to need a crown.

Since inlays and onlays do not require as much work as repairing more severely damaged teeth does, we are able to conserve a lot of your original tooth structure.

There are many benefits to getting inlays and onlays instead of traditional metal fillings. They are made from tough materials that last up to 30 years. They can also help strengthen your teeth by up to 75 percent. Inlays and onlays can prolong the life of your teeth and prevent the need for additional dental treatment in the future.

Getting inlays and onlays requires two visits. At the first visit, the damage and decay will be removed. This will clean the tooth and prepare it for the dental inlay or onlay. We will then take a mold of the damaged tooth and send it to a dental laboratory. This is done so that the inlay or onlay fits you perfectly.

In the meantime, the dentist will create a temporary one. During your second appointment, we will remove the temporary restoration and ensure that the inlay or onlay fits perfectly. We then put a polish on it to ensure that it is smooth.

If you have any questions about inlay or onlay restoration treatment, contact us today at (717) 865-3457.