After Tooth ExtractionsIn order for your oral surgery to be a success, it’s important that you understand and follow the appropriate aftercare procedures when at home. Your dentist will give you an overview of what needs to happen immediately after having a tooth extraction.

Here is a general overview of what to expect after tooth extractions:

  • Avoid any activities that might traumatize or injure your extraction area.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol completely.
  • Avoid the use of a straw or anything that requires sucking. If you trap air in the area, it is very painful and may require another visit.
  • Shift your chewing to the other side of your mouth for a few days.
  • Eat softer foods.
  • Maintain proper nutrition and stay hydrated; this will speed up the healing process. Drink plenty of water!
  • Avoid brushing or flossing the extraction site for at least twenty-four hours, and you may have to wait three days. In the meantime, keep the rest of the mouth clean.
  • After twenty-four hours, gently rinse the area with water. The cleaner the site, the quicker it will heal. This should be repeated daily for several days.
  • If you have stitches, return at the appropriate time to have them removed.

Working together, we can ensure you recover quickly and get back to having the best possible oral health.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tooth extraction or care, please call us at (717) 865-3457.