Periodontal Disease and DiabetesPeople with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease than those without it. Here at Fredericksburg Dental Center, LLC, we are proud to treat patients with periodontal disease, helping them to get rid of it for good!

The reason that people with diabetes are more likely to get periodontal disease is because diabetes can increase blood sugar. As extra sugar builds up in the mouth, the bacteria feeds on it, creating a vicious cycle.

Periodontal disease is actually considered a complication of diabetes, which shows how common it is. Those people who have diabetes and do not have it under control are the most at risk.

Research has shown that the relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease is reciprocal, which means people with periodontal disease are actually more likely to get diabetes. This is just another reason why it is important to keep a healthy mouth at all times.

We encourage you to make sure that you are going to your dentist every 6 months if you have diabetes. Although you may have it under control, since you are at an increased risk for periodontal disease, these visits are crucial to your gum health.

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